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Your band has joined the biggest tour in HELL!

You've got to keep the crowds of demons and the damned entertained with the music spawned from Hell - METAL! Collect PICKS to overcome encounters as the PROMOTER (GM) guides you on your descent. Will your tour make it to the end or will the MARKS of the DEVIL destroy you?!

THROWING HORNS is a Lite RPG of devils, demons, and metal. You play a literal band of demons touring the best and worst venues in Hell. The Promoter (aka the GM) will guide you on the tour and throw encounters in your path which you can overcome in the most METAL ways possible. Use head-banging tunes, your demonic commanding presence, or just good ole fashioned violence to beat encounters and continue.

This is B&W zine style RPG. 26 pages of art and simple rules using a roll and keep system. You only need a few six sided dice and some friends! Easy to play but does require a bit of up front RPG knowledge. Play time is roughly an hour.

Game comes with bookmark, guitar pick and a mini print.
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