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Title: Battlestations

Description: Dive into the thrilling world of Battlestations, where elves and dragons take to the skies. This volume contains classic anime style misfits and heroes living in a corrupted land.  This unique comic book series blends drama with fantasy adventure, offering a riveting storyline that follows the crew as they navigate the dangers of war and magic. Perfect for fans of both war stories and fantastical realms, Battlestations delivers action, intrigue, and heart in every panel. Classic 90s style OVA vibes over 100 pages! 

Key Features:

  • Unique Blend of Genres: Combines World War II historical elements with high-fantasy lore.
  • Captivating Storyline: Follow a team of elven aviators on daring missions in a magical WWII setting.
  • Stunning Artwork: Features beautifully illustrated panels that bring the world of Battlestations to life.
  • Rich Character Development: Meet a diverse cast of characters, each with their own backstory and growth arc.
  • Epic Battles: Experience intense aerial dogfights and ground skirmishes infused with magical elements.


  • Elves
  • Fantasy comic book
  • Flying Fortress comic
  • Elven pilots
  • Magic and war
  • Graphic novel
  • Aerial combat comic
  • Wartime adventure

Synopsis: In an alternate world lost to magical corruption and war, the skies are not just the domain of men and machines, but of elves and dragons. The Battlestations comic book series introduces readers to the Olive and her crew, who must use their unique abilities and ancient magic to combat the forces of evil. As they fly missions in their enchanted bomber, they face not only enemy aircraft but also mythical creatures and powerful sorcery. Will their courage and magic be enough to turn the tide of war?

Call to Action: Join the Battlestations embark on a journey where history meets fantasy. Order your copy today and experience the magic of elven warfare!

Availability: Available now!

Author Information: Illustrated by Vince Riley, a celebrated creator known for color depth and exciting character designs. Written by Chuck Paschall who has a passion for high fantasy and over the top action, making Battlestations a truly unique comic book experience.

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  • "It good!" – Someone at Heroes Con 2024
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